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Security meets Business Intelligence


Become Number 1 with the most Intelligent Security System in the world.

Exclusively for Service Stations.

The benefits of the new camera system were immediately noticeable: excellent image quality, user-friendly software for our employees and efficient maintenance. Accessing images is incredibly fast and if necessary they can be sent to the authorities with a single click. Since the system is connected to the network, problems can just be solved remotely 9 times out of 10.

Mario Di Tomasso, Facility Manager at Group Bruno.

The absolute best security solution for Petrol Businesses

For several years now, we're studying the needs of leading petrol businesses and creating the best specialised security solutions for them. This includes video surveillance with perfect coverage and incredible details; intelligent cameras which capture license plates and faces; the most advanced protection against burglary, robbery and fire; advanced access control and parking security. All in a single, user-friendly system.


Use intelligent data to instantly find what you need and discover new insights

License plate recognition and facial recognition allow you to identify customers. All their movements on your site are linked to their transactions and enriched with information of intelligent sensors. Find footage by typing in license plates, transaction IDs or certain products. From a security perspective, SafePump's search engine helps you easily find the footage you're looking for. From a marketing perspective, you can use all this collected and linked data to gain insights in your customers' behaviour to increase upselling and cross-selling, and boost your revenue.

Enrich customer experience

Insights in your customers’ behaviour is not only beneficial for you, but for your customers too. With SafePump you truly enrich your customers’ experience. Digital Signage greets them when they enter, the system recognises them and shows them personalised promos and messages. Another way to push personalised promos or messages is WiFi. The system is intelligent and interactive because of its sensors and other detection devices. This hyper personal approach strengthens the buyer’s experience: it gives customers overall a positive shopping experience. This results in a positive memory of your service station which in return results in customers choosing time and time again for your services.

A future proof system that easily connects with your preferred systems

SafePump consists only of the best software and hardware components on the markets. Its open structure allows SafePump to connect with virtually any system available. Pick one of our partners or connect it to your preferred system. SafePump can even integrate in your own security hardware if investing in new security hardware isn’t feasible. This open approach garantuees you the most complete and cost-effective solution. 

Choose the modules you need for each site

With SafePump’s modules you can chose which applications and services you need. There’s no limit when it comes to adding functionality or combining features. SafePump gives your business the opportunity to grow step by step and steadily keeps up with the pace. The modularity allows you to benefit from the best security and business intelligence in each phase of your business.

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